Here's what people think about the Zookeper Lionfish Containment System.

Would love to review this product!!!! But, I'm biased! LOL But I never hunt without a ZooKeeper.
Allie ElHage Designer of the ZooKeeper Lionfish Containment Unit.
The best product out there. Hands down. Don't hunt without one!
David Thatcher Lionfish Hunter
The ZooKeeper is the best way to bring in your Lionfish. Don't leave the dock without one.
Andy Ross Captain, Niuhi Charters
I will never hunt lionfish without one again! This thing works amazingly well!!! BRAVO to the creator for designing this product which actually makes lion fish hunting pleasurable!!! (This coming
Justin Baker Spearheads
LOVE my collection of Zooks. I have a couple different sizes now for different dive conditions and I bring one with me every time. I feel very comfortable collecting lionfish
Meaghan Faletti Marine Biologist, FWCC Invasive Lionfish Coordinator
ZooKeepers are AWESOME! They are the official Lionfish Containment Unit of the Texas Lionfish Eradication Unit! I would not dive with any other unit on the market! This truly is
Brady Hale Texas Lionfish Control Unit
I thought I was spearing lionfish in the most productive manner possible.......until I got a Zookeeper. I've never been so happy to be proven wrong! A Zookeeper is without a
Rachel Bowman Lionfish Huntress
If you hunt lionfish you MUST have a Zookeeper. Very safe and easy to use. This is the best containment device out there!
Alex Fogg Marine Biologist, FWCC Artificial Reef Program